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Children's Picture Books

Utopian Dreams Books presents a series of children's picture books that help build our Utopianism's.  Utopianism's are values that help make the world a little more utopian.  Values such as faith, hope, inspiration, love, honesty, compassion, courage, forgiveness, responsibility, confidence, environmentalism, and much more.  We hope our stories help you find a little more faith, hope & inspiration.  Each book focuses on and lists the key utopianism's that are infused into each story.   

The Miracle Series

The Miracle Series is the first series of Utopian Dreams Books.  This series brings to life the everyday miracles that surrounds us, reminding us to always believe.  Including in The Miracle Series:  I See a Miracle, Beautiful Baby - Here You Are, A Magical World Becomes the Night

A Magical World Becomes the Night
A Magical World Becomes the Night is part of The Miracle Series. This book takes our little one on a journey through the night, finding all of the magic and wonder that is the night. A great bed time story and a fun way to explore the magic of the night with your little ones.

Utopianism - Faith, Environmentalism, Inspiration

Published December 2017

I See A Miracle

I See A Miracle is the first picture book in The Miracle Series.  The world around us is filled with miracles, some great and some small.   I See a Miracle is a beautifully illustrated book that brings these miracles to life, while also encouraging readers to remember and appreciate everyday miracles.  Share your faith with your children and help them to see God’s love, and how it is infused into every little thing in the world around us. 

Utopianism - Faith, Environmentalism, Confidence 

Published April 2016

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Beautiful Baby 

Beautiful Baby is part of The Miracle Series. It takes the heartwarming poem Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and creates a bed time story to share with your newborn.  This heartwarming poem reminds us what a miracle our little ones are. 

Utopianism - Love, Faith, Confidence

Published December 2016

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Molly Find A Home

Molly Finds A Home is an adorable picture book that takes us on a journey with a dalmation named Molly.  Molly is feeling very scared and alone after running away from the animal shelter, until she finds more than a home when she meets Chief Andy and finds a greater purpose.

Utopianism - Faith, Environmentalism, Confidence 

Published April 2017

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The Magical World of Utopia

The Magical World of Utopia is the second series of Utopian Dreams Books.  This is a heartwarming series that explores the mystical world and creatures of Utopia.  Utopia is a beautiful world where unicorns and magic come to life. While Utopia is a make believe world, these stories will remind you to always believe. Each story takes you on a different adventure, while sharing a little utopianism.  

A Unicorn's Wish

A Unicorn's Wish is the first in a series of inspirational children's books about Utopia.  The World of Utopia is a world where unicorns and magic are very real. Join Lucy, the dragonfly, as she discovers the Magical World of Utopia and discover how Lucy helps bring a little magic from Utopia back to our world.

Utopianism - Courage, Belief, Confidence

Published July 2016

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